When you have a sick child arriving onto the unit for the first time simultaneously tasking is imperative to stabilise the situation. If the time to make up the appropriate drugs can be minimised this is an important step forward. PICUDRUGS.COM can be downloaded onto any mac or windows platform. Then, by just using the child’s estimated weight it is possible to print all the relevant drugs that you might use in the acute scenario.

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The aim is to develop resources for low resource countries so that the care of critically ill children can be optimised. In this endeavour the first step is to provide a way to standardise drug concentrations and also emergency protocols.

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Professor Asrar Rashid has helped to developed a new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in the UAE. This is a relatively new speciality in many regions of the world. Born out of the necessity to provide resources to Pediatricians Professor Asrar developed the concept of This is a free resource being developed to improve the quality of care being provided to critically ill children across the world.

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We are constantly evolving to help you better

As we develop the platform we will post FAQ’s relating to issues faced by the end user. Kindly do give us feedback so that we can improve on each version going forward.

It is the responsibility of the end-user to insert the correct weight. Weights are estimated by the user of the software. The only mandatory field in the software package is the weight itself.

If there is time, we urge users to enter the patient details into the package itself, this ensures there is no confusion when the software is printed out.

We have used multiple resources, but utilise what is the standard for drug dosing in the international literature. PALS, APLS and EPLS are used to develop the protocols for resuscitation. Though we can consider offering differing versions for differing institutions. Our default resource is PALS (American Heart Association)

We envisage providing a number of up-dates during the year. As user’s provide more feedback we will be looking to improve on the software itself.

Calculations are based on international standards related to fluid balance.


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This is a beta version of the software. On downloading and using the software you agree to assess the software. We do not take responsibility for the use of the software as we are providing this as a free resource. You can download the resource below according to the platform



At PICU Drugs we aspire Innovation

Due to the fact that we cannot afford any errors with the software we have deliberately not made this an open source resource.

If you have the expertise and skills in Pediatric critical care and wish to join us to develop resources that can be provided to clinicians across the world then why not join us!

We are looking for expertise in Pediatric’s, Pediatric Critical Care. If you are a physician, nurse, pharmacist or dietician and can provide time to help develop the online resources and protocols, we are keen to hear from you.

We are looking to translate the software into other languages so that the tool can be used across the world.

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Our team is trying to bring a revolution in the world of drugs.

Dr. Asrar Rashid

Professor Asrar Rashid is Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Paediatrics at MBRU and Head of Department of Pediatric Intensive Care at Mediclinic City Hospital.

Dr. Sarah Ehtisham

Professor. Sarah holds the Adjunct Clinical Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology position at the College of Medicine, Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences. She leads the Paediatric Endocrinology service at Mediclinic City Hospital.


We are always looking forward to help you.